How reliable are sandbox gateway appliances?

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 August 12, 2015

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When it comes to advanced threat protection many enterprises now a days are relying on Advanced Threat Protection sandbox based gateway appliances. Over past few years spear phishing attacks through highly targeted messages had been implemented in many data breaches. More than 90% of the successful attacks on enterprise networks...

As another Java flaw is discovered, is it time to disable Java completely?

 January 17, 2013

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After a massive Java 0-day vulnerability surfaced in August 2012, Oracle released an out-of-cycle update to combat the exploit. However, we advised our readers to simply disable Java on their web browsers to avoid the threat. Java has now become a highly vulnerable program that causes more trouble than it...

The persistent threat of PC malware: Top Windows malware families of 2012

 January 9, 2013

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

2012 has seen various malware threats and international cyberespionage tools evolve to new heights. However, the PC still remains the most accessible device for invading homes and planting malware. The number and nature of malware received by the Quick Heal Research & Development Labs in 2012 highlighted this fact. The...

The “What, How and Why?” of Machine learning in Quick Heal 2013

 September 3, 2012

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An enhanced scan engine is one of the primary features of Quick Heal 2013. The engine is now smaller in size (almost 1/10th) and utilizes adaptable machine learning capabilities to detect potential threats. This not only increases the security of the device but it also reduces the resource load to...

Quick Heal 2013 offers domain and sub-domain control for HTTPS sites

 August 28, 2012

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HTTPS protocols are utilized by many websites over the Internet today. This secure layer offers protection against man-in-the-middle attacks and phishing exploits. It also helps a user to detect fake websites that ask for personal information. Traditionally, domains that ask for credit/debit card details and login passwords commonly use this....

Quick Heal 2013 and Sandboxing ensure comprehensive protection

 August 27, 2012

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The advent of Web 2.0, social engineering and widespread Browser Exploit Packs (BEP) has led to the rise of a large amount of threats while browsing the Internet. When one surfs the web and types an address in the URL bar, the website appears. Potentially, it can bring many unwanted...

Seven terrific new features of Quick Heal 2013

 August 23, 2012

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We are proud to announce the release of the Quick Heal 2013 product line. So what’s new? Here is a brief rundown of the new features that will help protect your machines from all kinds of unsolicited threats. Web Browser Sandbox Quick Heal 2013 brings the much awaited web browser...

Surfing the Internet the secure way with browser sandbox

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 November 1, 2011

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PC’s today are mostly victims of infections caused by visiting infected websites that drop malware codes. Even though we have website reputation checks implemented by all anti-malware software, there is always a slight chance that the user may visit a newly infected website that has not yet been classified as...